The Hare on the Moon Class 6 English Lesson 8

The Hare on the Moon Class 6 English Lesson 8

A hare lived in a forest. He had two friends a monkey and an otter. They spent a lot of time together.

The otter was catching fish. The hermit went to him. “I’m hungry,”he said.

“I have a few fish,” said the otter. “Please, take them.” “But I don’t eat fish,” said the hermit.

One day, a hermit came to the forest. He was very tired and hungry.

“Have you anything else?” “Sorry,” said the otter.”

“I have nothing else.”

The monkey was eating nuts.

The hermit went to him.

“I’m hungry,” said the hermit.

“Could you give me some food, please?”

“I have a few nuts,” said the monkey.

“Oh! but I want a lot of them,” said the hermit,

“I’m very hungry.”

“I’m sorry. I have only a few,” said the monkey.

“I’ll ask the hare then,” said the hermit.

The hare was eating grass.

The hermit went to him.

“I’m so hungry,” said the hermit.

“Please, could you give me some food?”

“I have a lot of grass,” said the hare. “But I don’t eat grass!” said the hermit with a smile.

“Have you anything else?”

“No, I’m sorry,” said the hare.

“I’m very hungry and I’m tired,” said the hermit.

“What shall I do now?”

The hare thought for a minute.

“Wait,” he said. “Please don’t go away.”

The hare brought some wood.

He struck two stones together and made a fire.

“You can eat me,” he said.

And jumped into the fire.

But the fire did not burn him!

He looked out, but the hermit was not there.

An angel stood in front of him.

He took the hare in his arms and flew up. He put him on the Moon.

Look up at the Moon.

You can still see the hare on it.

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