Making Best Out of Waste Her Forte Class 7 English Lesson 17

Making Best Out of Waste Her Forte Class 7 English

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Bhilai, Sept-23, 03 The Hitvada

Rukmani Chaturvedi has got the art to make the best out of waste. Her masterpieces were shown to the Bhilains at a unique expo where she presented artworks made out of wastes like bhutta (maize) and banana- peels.

The Risali-based artist’s exhibition was inaugurated by the General Manager (Town Administration), R.K.Agrawal at Nehru Art Gallery the other day.

Utilizing maize, palm leaves and different parts of a banana tree, like its leaves, flowers etc, Rukmani created impressive paintings and collages. She has created artistic representations of Goddess Durga, the Bhilai Steel Plant main gate, nature, and historical figures like Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose among many others.

Without using paint, the collages were unique and subtly crafted. Ms Rukmani has been successful in making her artistic creations come to life. Greatly impressed by the artistic skills of Rukmani, Mr R.K.Agrawal expressed hope that the Expo will serve as an inspiration for budding artists of the steel city. Ms Rukmani’s collection of 22 paintings was part of the joint exhibition of three women artists organized by the Public Relations Department of Bhilai Steel Plant at Nehru Art Gallery. The other two artists, Ms Kusum Lata Vaidya from Bhilai exhibited paintings made out of natural colours and watercolours. Charcoal and pencil was the creative medium for Ms Rama Dutt Joshi of Raipur.

In all of her 13 paintings, Ms Vaidya used environment-friendly colours of human emotions and nature while Ms Joshi’s 9 paintings depicted the life of locals. Mr Agrawal commended their creative efforts and congratulated the organizers for bringing such unknown artists to the limelight.

What was the theme of the paintings?

Present at the inaugural function were Chief Engineer, in charge (TA) Mr.K.K. Sharma, Chief Education Officer, Mr R.C.Singh, internationally acclaimed Panthi exponent Devdas Banjare, eminent artist Das Gupta, senior officers of the Plant and public. The exhibition ended on September 20.

-Newspaper Item

Reading Comprehension

A.) Answer the following questions.

1.) Who does ‘her’ refer to in the report?

Ans – Rukmani Chaturvedi referred as ‘her’ to the report.

2.) Where has this report been taken from?

Ans – This report had been taken from Bhilai.

3.) Which city was the Expo organized in?

Ans – The Expo organized in Bhilai.

4.) How many participants were there to exhibit the things?

Ans – There were three participants including Rukmani Chaturvedi.

5.) What major differences do you find between the paintings used by Rukmani, Kusum Lata Vaidya and Rama Dutta Joshi?

Ans – Rukmani used different types of leaves, different parts of banana tree to make art, Kusum Lata used organic paint in all her paintings, and Ms Joshi, Used charcoal and pencil.

6.) When did the exhibition end? When do you think it started?

Ans – The exhibition ended on 20th September.

7.) Who inaugurated the exhibition?

Ans – The general manager of Town administration R.K. Agarwal inaugurated the exhibition.

B.) Make a list of the things the participants exhibited:

Ms.RukmaniMs. Kusum Lata VaidyaMs. Rama Dutt Joshi
artistic representations of Goddess Durga, Bhilai Steel Plant main gate, nature, historical figures like Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra BoseHuman emotions and natureThe life of locals

C.) Make a list of the materials the artists used for their creation:

NamesMaterial used
Ms. Rukmani  Ms. Kusum Lata Ms. VaidyaMaize, Different types of leaves, and part of the banana tree. Organic colours and water colour. Charcoal and Pencil


1.) Make sentences by using the table below:

1. The prime ministerUniquefor any one who wants to do social service.
2. Mother Teresa’s name is anBuddingopportunity for Ms. Rukmani
3. The expo was anInauguratedartists.
4. Most of the people still useDepictedthe winners of different categories
5. Every possible opportunity should be given to theInspirationthe seminar on energy conservation
6. The chief guestCharcoalthe life of locals.
7. Ms. Joshi’s paintingsCongratulatedAs a fuel

Ans –

1.) The prime minister inaugurated the seminar on energy conservation.

2.) Mother Teresa’s name was an inspiration for anyone who wants to do social service.

3.) The expo was an budding opportunity for Ms. Rukmani.

4.) Most of the people still use charcoal as a fuel.

5.) Every possible opportunity should be given to the unique artists.

6.) The chief guest congratulated the winners of different categories.

7.) Ms. Joshi’s paintings depicted the life of locals.

2.) Match the words with their meanings.

Ans –

A             :            B

Forte   :    Special Skill

Masterpiece      :  The best work of it’s type.

Exhibition   :   A public show of objects.

Collages    :   A picture made by sticking various materials.

Unique    :   Only one of it’s type.

Expo     :    A big exhibition.

Acclaimed   :  Appreciate.

Budding    :   New ans young.

Exponent   :   A person who sets an example for others.

Limelight   :   Center of public attention.

Subtly   :   Cleverly.

Commend   :    Well-known.

3.) Fill in the blanks choosing appropriate words given below.

flowers, nine, Panthi, Rama, artists, forty-four

Ans –

Mr. R.K.Agrawal inaugurated the exhibition. It contained the work of three artists namely Rukmani Chaturvedi, Kusum Lata Vaidya and Rama Dutt Joshi. In all, there were forty-four paintings. Of these only nine belonged to Ms. Joshi. Rukmani Chaturvedi used things like leaves, flowers etc. to make her collages. Internationally acclaimed panthi exponent Devdas Banjare was present at the inaugural function.


1.) Use the appropriate form of verbs given in brackets in the sentences given below.

1.) She presented artworks made out of waste. (present)

2.) The Chief Minister inaugurated the fast food shop “Star One” in Raipur recently. (inaugurate)

3.) God created the world. (create)

4.) Sania Mirza achieved the honour of entering in the Australian Open. (achieve)

5.) The programme was organised by the college. (organize)

6.) Paintings of local artists were exhibited in the auditorium. (exhibit)

7.) The President congratulated the winners. (congratulate)

8.) The wind blew the letter out of my hand. (blow)

9.) He broke his hand while playing cricket. (break)

2.) After the exhibition Rukmani had the following advantages:

(i) People bought her collages.

(ii) The television programme made her the talk of the town.

(iii) people overwhelmed her by their response.

(iv) Bhilaians appreciated her art.

(v) The management selected her for the state award.

(vi) Many people contacted her for guidance.

Now rewrite the sentences as shown:

(First sentence is given for you).

Ans –

1.) Her collages were bought by people.

2.) Her talk of the town was made by the television programme.

3.) The response of the people made her overwhelmed.

4.) Her art was appreciated by the Bhilaians.

5.) She was selected by the management for the state award.

6.) She was contacted by the people for guidance.

3.) Make a list of all the verbs in the past tense occuring in the lesson.

Ans – Got, Presented, Made, inaugurated, created, Crafted, impressed, Expressed, Organized, Exhibited, Used, Depicted, Commended, Congratulated, Acclaimed,


2.) Look at the pictures given below and write the related headlines under

each picture given in the box.

1.) Cute Cats at Home 2. Sleeping Ostrich

3.) Run to Win 4. Friends Forever

Ans –

Pic 1 – (3) Run to win

Pic 2 – (4) Friends Forest

Pic 3 – (1) Cute Cats at Home

Pic 4 – (2) Ostrich Sleeping

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