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Have a Cup of Nice Tea Class 7 English Lesson 9

Have a Cup of Nice Tea Class 7 English Lesson 9

Tea is an evergreen shrub. The fermented, dried leaves are infused to make a beverage of the same name. It was seen in China as early as 2737 B.C. Later in 1823, it was found growing wild in North India. It grows to a height of 12″ to 40″. The young shoots and leaves are picked every 5 years. Once plucked, the young leaves are spread out for 4-15 hours. They are then broken up and dried and graded.

I am a tea shrub from the gardens of Kerala. I am 3 years old. My friends say I am very delicate, innocent, alert, always happy, and beautiful. My height is 36″ (approx). My parents told me that our relatives are present all over the world. Even though people all over the world make tea but the best manner of preparing tea is a subject of violent dispute.

How do you prepare tea? 

When I go through the cookery books for a perfect cup of tea, I find many ways of making it. Here are my own rules which I have deduced from the discussions with the elders of our family about tea and its preparation.

First of all, one should use Indian or Ceylonese tea. Nowadays it is economical and one can drink it without milk but there is not much stimulation in it. Anyone who uses the comforting phrase “a cup of nice tea”, means Indian tea.

Secondly, tea should be made strong. One cup of strong tea is better than twenty weak ones.

Thirdly, the tea should be taken in small quantities.

Fourthly, tea should be served hot. One should take the tea cups to the kettle and not the other way.’

Fifthly, after making tea, one should stir it, or better give the pot a good shake and allow the leaves to settle.

Lastly, one should drink out of a cylindrical cup.

Hope the next time you try to make tea, you would follow these golden rules.

Word Meanings

 shrub(श्रब)- झाड़ी

 nfused( इन्फ्यूज्ड)-संचार

beverage (बेवरेज)-पेय पदार्थ


dispute( डिस्प्यूट)-विवाद

deduced( डिड्यूस्ड)-निष्कर्ष निकाला, व्युत्पन्न

stimulation (स्टीमूलेशन)-उत्तेजना

cylindrical (सिलेन्ड्रिकल)-बेलनाकार

Settle( सैटल)-रुकना/समझौता।

Reading Comprehension

Q1. Answer the following questions.

1. Who is ‘I’ in the lesson?

Answer – ‘I’ in the lesson is a three years old tree shrub from the garden of Kerala.

2. How is the beverage (tea) made?

Answer – The fermented dried leaves of the tea are infused to make the beverage (tea).

3. The phrase ‘A Cup of Nice Tea’ is generally used for which tea?

Answer – The phrase ‘A Cup of Nice Tea’ is generally used for Indian tea.

4. What is the subject of violent dispute?

Answer – The best manner of preparing tea is the subject of violent dispute.

Q2. Tick the correct answer.

1. The lesson is in the form of an autobiography because it is about:

a. the tea .

b. the shrub that talks about itself.

c. the place.

d. the country.

Answer – b. the shrub that talks about itself.

2. The beverage (tea) is made from :

a. young shoots or leaves

b. young roots

c. the fruits

d. the seeds
Answer – a. young shoots or leaves

Q3. Complete the flow chart to show how you make tea:

Arrange the phrases in the box.

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Q4. Imagine yourself as the tea shrub given in the passage and fill the biodata:

Your views about the beverage (tea):1. Tea is the most common beverage in our country.2. Tea is a refreshing drink.3. Tea stimulates best when prepared with milk.4. It can be prepared easily.5. It tastes best when served hot.6. Several ingredients are used with tea.7. Many people prefer it during cold weather.


Q1. Complete the following webs by adding more words.

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Q2. Read the riddles and try to find out the correct words.

(i) I am a five letter word

I am shorter than a tree

I have ‘rub’ in me

I rhyme with tub

What word am I ?

Answer – Shrub

(ii) I am a seven letter word.

I rhyme with follow.

I mean ‘not deep’

I end with-low

What word am I ?

Answer – Shallow

(iii) I am an eleven letter word

My suffix is … ‘tion’

I start with ‘sti’….

I have ‘the power to make one active’

What word am I ?

Answer – Stimulation

(iv) I mean ‘bring to rest’

I am a six letter word.

I start with ‘set’

What word am I ?

Answer – Settle

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