A Nickel’s Worth of Fun Class 6 English Lesson 15

A Nickel’s Worth of Fun Class 6 English Lesson 15

“I found a nickel!”, Jerry cried.

“So what?” his friend Bruce asked.

“Now I can buy a birthday present for my little sister, Sally,” Jerry replied. “A nickel isn’t worth much. You can’t buy

anything for a nickel,” Bruce said.

“Yes, I can,” Jerry answered. “What?”, Bruce asked.

Jerry drew a deep breath. Finally, he said, “I am going shopping with Sally and my mother this afternoon. I’m sure we will find a really special gift.” Bruce just laughed.

After lunch, Jerry, Sally, and their mother went shopping. They visited a toy store and a dime store. Jerry searched in each store. He couldn’t buy anything for Sally because everything cost more than a nickel. “What can I buy for a nickel?”, Jerry finally asked his mother.

“A few pieces of gum,” Mother replied. “But I don’t think that would be good for Sally. Why not give her a picture that you drew instead?”

“I will do that too. I still want to get a gift Sally will always remember,” Jerry decided. “So I’ll keep searching.”

Then, the three of them went shopping at a food store. Jerry searched for a present, then he stopped in front of a sign. Jerry looked at the white, wheat, and honey bread. “Even marked down, they cost too much”, he decided.

Then Jerry saw a crushed loaf. “I can buy that !” he decided.

“But what will Sally do with it?” Mother asked.

“If we can stop at the lake on the way home, I’ll show you,” Jerry replied.

Soon Jerry, Sally, and mother were standing by the lake. A few ducks came swimming by. Jerry gave his little sister the loaf of crushed bread.

“For me?”, Sally asked. She could not remember ever having so much bread to feed the ducks.

“All for you,” Jerry said, “Happy birthday.”

Sally took some bread and broke it into little bits. She began to throw them into the water. This soon drew a crowd of ducks around them.

“You don’t have to crowd,” Sally said smiling, “because this time I have enough for everybody.”

A few birds came flying by. Sally began to throw some bread on the grass for them. Then she watched as they landed and ate. “This is my best present ever”, she said. “Will you buy me a loaf of bread again, Jerry?”

“The next time I find a nickel,” Jerry promised. When Jerry saw Bruce again, the first thing his friend asked was, “Well, were you able to find anything that cost a nickel? “Yes,” Jerry replied.

“What?”, Bruce asked in surprise. “I found a nickel’s worth of fun”, Jerry said smiling. “That’s the most wonderful birthday present of all.”

Patricia Kite

Reading Comprehension

Answer the following questions:

1.) Who found a nickel?

Answer: Jerry found a nickel.

2) Who were Jerry and Bruce?

Answer: Jerry and Bruce were friends.

3.) What did Jerry want to do for his little sister?

Answer: Jerry wanted to buy a present for his little sister’s birthday with the nickel.

4.) Why did his friend laugh at him?

Answer: Jerry’s friend laughed at him because he thought that there was nothing that can be bought by a nickel.

5.) Why couldn’t Jerry buy a gift for his sister from the toy store & the dime store?

Answer: Jerry couldn’t buy a gift for his sister from the toy store & the dime store because everything was costlier than a nickel.

6.) What did he decide to buy for his sister on her birthday?

Answer: He decided to buy a crushed loaf for his sister on her birthday.

7.) Did his sister accept the gift?

Answer: Yes, his sister accepted the gift.

8.) What did Sally do with the gift?

Answer: Sally took some bread and broke it into little bits. She threw them into the water.

9.) Pick out the sentence that shows that Jerry and his sister knew the ducks.

Answer: She could not remember ever having so much bread to feed the ducks.

10.) Do you think Jerry was clever enough to buy a loaf as a gift? Why?

Answer:  Yes, Jerry was clever and wise enough to buy a loaf as a gift. Jerry’s gift was indeed special as it made his sister smile and they had fun. It was the best gift.


1.) Complete the following web with the names of some gifts that one may receive or give on a birthday.

Happy Birthday

1) Pen

2.) Chocolate box

3.) Magic slate

4.) Compass box

5.) Bicycle

6.) Toys

7.) Video game

8.) School bag

9.) Water bottle

10.) Tiffin box

11.) Drawing book

2.) Make a list of the things you want to buy from the shops given in the columns.

Toy shopFruit shopStationery shop
Hot wheelsBananaPen
FrisbeeAppleDrawing book
Bat and ballChikooColor papers
Board gamesKiwiWriting pad

3.) Complete the following phrases by choosing suitable words from the box. You can use words with more phrases than one.

A sheet of paper.

A piece of chalk, cake.

A drop of water, juice, or milk.

A bar of soap, chocolate.

A tin of milk.

A cake of soap.

A slice of butter

A cube of ice, sugar.

A packet of biscuits, toffees, chocolate.

A lump of toffees.

A bottle of water, juice, ink, and milk.


Separate the words given in the box in the previous exercise into the following columns.

Things we can countThings we can’t count
Paper Cloth Soap Cake Ice Biscuits Toffees Chalk ChocolateButter sugar water Juice Ink milk  


A.) Radha goes to market. Her mother gives her this list. Shopping List

S.NoThings boughtThings bought insteadThings not bought
1. 2. 3.Soap bar Tooth powder Chocolate BarSoap bar Tooth powder Chocolate Bar Soap powder Toothpaste Rice 

Make similar dialogues using the words given in the box and practice them with your partner.

1.) May I have a bar of soap?

Yes, certainly.

2.) May I have a piece of paper?

Yes, certainly.

3.) May I have a pencil?

Sorry, I don’t have a pencil.

4.) May I have a knife?

Yes, certainly.

5.) May I have a cap?

Sorry, I don’t have a cap.

6.) May I have some ink?

Yes, certainly

7.) May I have some sugar?

Yes, certainly.

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