The sun Goes on a Holiday Class 6 English Lesson 2

The sun Goes on a Holiday

Everyone enjoys a holiday. So, one fine Sunday, the Sun also took a holiday. It suddenly disappeared from the sky. Darkness covered the earth.

A squirrel was chasing its friend. It stopped and Wondered At The Darkness. It Guessed Something Was Wrong And Ran Home. A Little Plant Searched For The Sun. It Couldn’t Grow Without The Sun’s Rays. Flowers And Leaves Of The plant bent low to the ground. Other trees also missed the Sun. Mother bird

peeped out of her nest and whispered to its little ones about the darkness. She was sad because she couldn’t go out to find food for them. The bee couldn’t find any honey English Reader-6

Men, women and children stopped working. They opened their windows and said, “What happened to the Sun?” It was very quiet every where and the warmth of the Sun was missing too. All of them prayed for the Sun torise.

because the flowers didn’t bloom, so it went back to its hive. The Sun wasn’t there, so the wind got stuck up the hill.

The Sun looked down from its abode. The stillness on the earth shocked the Sun. The Sun felt sorry. The earth seemed lifeless. This made the Sun very sad. So he decided to stop his holiday and start shining again.The plants grew and flowers bloomed. Bees and birds started singing The river flowed joyfully and the wind blew. Mother bird was happy and everyone on the earth began to work!

Indeed, the Sun can never go on a holiday!

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