The Miser Class 5: Subject- English Lesson 15

The Miser Class 5: Subject- English Lesson 15

Once there was a very rich man. He was a miser. He ate very cheap food and spent very little money. He lent money to small shopkeepers at high interest. In this way, he earned a lot of money. Every morning he went out to see the shopkeepers and came home at midday.
The miser had a watchman to look after his house. The watchman lived in a hut near the gate. He liked to fish and his wife cooked it for him every day. The watchman told his wife, “Cook the fish before midday. Our master will be out then. He doesn’t eat meat or fish and he will not like the smell of fish.”
One day, the master came home early. He walked past the watchman‖s hut and caught the smell of fish. It was a nice smell and he liked it very much.

That afternoon he called the watchman and asked him, “What were you cooking today?”
The watchman said quickly, “I won‖t do it again, Sir.
Please excuse me.”
The miser said, “Don’t be afraid. I am not angry.”
What was your wife cooking? Please tell me.”
The watchman said, “We were cooking fish.”
The miser said, “Please cook it every day. I like the smell very much.”
The watchman and his wife thought, “Our master is mad.” But they cooked fish every day.
After a month, one evening the watchman and his wife came to see their master.
“Sir, you like the smell of fish,” the watchman said to his master, “So we cook it every day. But fish is not cheap. It is very costly. It costs us a lot of money. I earn only thirty rupees a month. So please give us money for the fish.”
The miser thought for a while. Then he said, “Oh, all right. Wait here.” He went into his room and shut the door behind him. He took out some silver coins from a bag. He dropped them one by one on the floor. The watchman and his wife heard the tinkle of the coins and were very happy.
They said, “He is going to give us all that money.”

After some time their master came out and sat down on a chair. He then asked the watchman and his wife.
“Did you hear the tinkle of the coins?”
“Yes, sir, we did.” Said the watchman.
“Did you enjoy it?” asked the miser.
“Yes, sir,” said the watchman and his wife.
The miser then said, “Alright, I enjoyed the smell of your fish and you enjoyed the sound of my coins. I don’t ask for your fish, so you don’t ask me for money. Now go away.”

I. New words

coin, meat, midday, tinkle, while, lend, excuse, one by one

II. Read and write

(A) Answer these questions:

  1. How was the rich man?
  2. Who did he lend money to?
  3. What did the watchman‖s wife cook every day?
  4. Did the miser like the smell of the fish.
  5. The miser enjoyed the smell of the watchman‖s fish.
    What did the watchman and his wife enjoy?
    (B) Who said and to whom:
  6. “Cook the fish before midday”, ……………said to …………
  7. “Please cook it every day. I like the smell very much.”
    ………… said to ……………….
  8. “He is going to give us all that money.”…….. said
  9. “Did you hear the tinkle of the coins?”…………. said to

III. Say aloud

miser, shopkeepers, interest, earned, midday, cooked, fish, walked, liked, excuse, costly, dropped, tinkle, coins, alright, enjoyed, won’t.

V. Vocabulary

meat, while, coin, shut, tinkle, enjoyed, interest,
smell, wait, excuse

  1. I felt pity for the beggar and give him a …….. of five
  2. I am vegetarian. I don‖t eat ……….
  3. The greedy man loves the ………… of coins very much.
  4. Please do not disturb me ……….. I am at work.
  5. The student said, “ Sorry, I am late. Please excuse me
    this time.
  6. Sushant gave a birthday party in the school canteen. We all …………. it very much.
  7. I am not coming today. Please do not …… for me.
  8. ………….. the door or any animal may enter the house.
  9. I can lend you money at the rate of 12 percent …….
  10. I don’t like the strong ……… of garlic.

Match with the correct antonyms:- (opposites) :

miser — sad
cheap — slowly
quickly — spendthrift
shut — costly
happy — servant
master — weak
strong — open

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