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Class 6 English

Jolly kitten Class 6 English Lesson 7

Jolly kitten Class 6 English Lesson 7 The cat sent her kittens to buy some plates. On their way back home the kittens thought... What are these plates for? Bunny, the eldest one said: See..I know. The plates are for playing. Yes, the plates are for playing. plates are for playing.

Alice in the Wonderland Class 6 English Lesson 5

Alice in the Wonderland Class 6 English Lesson 5 Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Alice. One day she had a very strange and interesting dream. Would you like to hear about her dream? (Well, this was the very first thing that happened in her dream) A white rabbit came running by, in a great hurry. As it passed Alice,it stopped

A Masai Home Class 6 English Lesson 4

A Masai Home Masai is a tribe that lives in East Africa. The Masais like to live in small traditional houses on the grassland plains near their cattle or their fields. The Masai women build their own homes. First, they draw the shape of the house, a rectangle, on the ground. They make a frame by weaving together branches and twigs.

Conversation Class 6 English Lesson 1

Conversation "Mousie, mousie,Where is your little wee housie?" "Here is the door,Under the floor,"Said mousie, mousie."Mousie, mousie,May I come into your housie?" "You can't get in, You have to be thin,"Said, mousie, mousie. "Mousie, mousie,Won't you come out of your housie ?""I'm sorry to say,I'm busy all day,"Said, mousie, mousie.