Nina and the baby sparrows Class 5: Subject- English Lesson 16

Nina and the baby sparrows Class 5: Subject- English Lesson 16

There was great joy in Nina’s house. Nina’s aunt was getting married. Nina, her father, mother, and little brother were all going to Delhi for a wedding. Everyone was happy, except Nina.
Her mother took her to the market to buy a new dress. “What color would you like?” Mother asked.
“I don’t want a new dress, Mother,” said Nina. Salwar kameez then?”
Nina shook her head.
“What about those lovely white shoes you saw last week?”
“I don’t want those, either. Thank you, Mother.”

Nina‖s mother was upset, but she said nothing. They went back home and had lunch. After lunch mother came and sat near Nina. “What is it, child?” she asked.
“Why did you say ―no to everything?”

“Mother, I don’t want to go to the wedding.”
“But why?”
Nina said nothing Instead, two big tears rolled down her cheeks. Mother put her arms around
Nina. Don’t cry, my pet.” she said. “why don’t you tell me what’s bothering you?”
More tears rolled down Nina’s cheeks. “Mother.” she said, “there’s a sparrow’s nest on the bookshelf in my room. And there are two baby sparrows in the nest.”
“I see ………”, said, mother.
“They are just beginning to get their feathers. And growing up makes them so hungry. All day long they cry ―cheep- cheep, asking for food.
“I see! said, Mother.
“If we go, the whole place will be locked. And how will papa and mama sparrows feed their babies?”
“Oh Nina“, cried Mother, giving her a big hug. “Is that why you don‖t want to go to the wedding? But that’s no problem at all, we’ll leave the window open.”

I. New words

joy, bother, marry, upset, feed, remove, wedding, shake, hug, instead, plump, thrilled

II. Read and write

  1. Why was there great joy in Nina’s house?
  2. Why was Nina worried?
  3. What did mother suggest?
  4. What did Nina find when she came back from
  5. Write a few lines about Nina.

III.Say aloud

joy, married, white, either, bothering, hug, problem, remove, perfectly, freely, plump, thrilled

IV. Let’s talk

What will you do for the solution to the given Problems?

If I have this problemI will do this
(1) If I am ill
(2) If I don’t understand
anything in the class
(3) If someone fights with me
(4) If any unknown person
asks me to go with him.
(5) If anyone touches me
how I don’t like
I will go to the doctor.
I will ………………….

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