Missing Whistle Class 7 English Lesson 2

Missing Whistle Class 7 English Lesson 2

Reading Comprehension

(1) Tick the correct answer.

(i) When Piglet could not open the door, he – (b) pushed the door.

(ii) Piglet went to see the rabbit – (c) after lunch.

(iii) Rabbit lost his whistle – (c) at noon.

(2) “I’m here!”, said Piglet, scrambling out of the pile of things Rabbit had thrown over him. – this line in the lesson tells me that Piglet was lost in the pile of things.


1.scrambled out of the pile of things8*
2.said he had lost his whistle4*
3.searched through the drawer3*
4.pushed the door open2*
5.grumbled that he couldn’t find the whistle7*
6.said that he would help to look for it5*
7.searched under the table and under the stool6*
8.said the poha smelt nice.10*
9.picked everything up and put them in the cupboard9*
10.said that the whistle was hiding in the poha12*
11.came to Rabbit’s house1*
12.found the whistle in the poha11*


(1) cry dry ( yes )

(2) grumble scramble ( yes )

(3) lunch bunch ( yes )

(4) fetch catch ( no )

(5) mess guess ( yes )

(6) file fail ( no )

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