Jimmy Jet and His TV Set Class 7 English Lesson 7

Jimmy Jet and His TV Set Class 7 English Lesson 7

I’ll tell you the story of Jimmy Jet

And you know what I tell you is true.

He loved to watch his TV set,

Almost as much as you.

He watched all day, he watched all night

Till he grew pale and lean.

From ‘The Early Show to ‘The Late Late Show!

And all the shows between.

He watched till his eyes were frozen wide,

And his bottom grew into his chair

And antennae grew out of his hair.

And his chin turned into a tuning dial,

And his brains turned into TV tubes,

And his face to a TV screen,

And two knobs saying ‘VERT’ and ‘HORIZ’

Grew where his ears had been.

And he grew a plug that looked like a tail

So we plugged in little Jim.

And now instead of him watching TV,

We all sit around and watch him.

Word Meanings –

Story (स्टोरी) = कहानी

Pale (पेल) = पीला या फीका पड़ जाना (शरीर का)

Lean (लीन) = बहुत दुबला

Show (शो) = टेलीविज़न के कार्यक्रम, प्रदर्शन 

Early (अर्ली) = जल्दी, सुबह-सुबह

Late (लेट) = देरी, देर रात तक

Frozen (फ्रोजन) = जमा हुआ, स्थिर

Wide (वाइड) = चौड़ा

Tuning Dial (ट्यूनिंग डायल) =

 टेलीविज़न का एक भाग जो पिक्चर को ठीक करने के काम आता था.

Brain (ब्रेन)= मस्तिष्क, दिमाग 

Knob (नॉब) = गोल बटन जो सेट करने के काम आता है

Tail (टेल) = पूँछ  

Reading Comprehension

A. Answer the following questions.

1. What did Jimmy Jet want to do ?

Answer – Jimmy Jet wanted to watch his TV set all the time.

2. Why did Jim grow pale and lean ?

Answer – Jim grew pale and lean because he watched TV all the time.

3. What does the poet want to say in these lines:

i. From ‘The Early Show’ to ‘the Late Late Show.’

Answer – The poet wants to say that Jimmy Jet used to watch his TV set from the very first show in the morning to the very last show in the night.

ii. He loved to watch his TV set as much as you.

Answer – The poet wants to say that Jimmy loved to watch his TV set as much as all of us love to do.

iii. And now instead of him watching TV, we all sit around

and watch him.

Answer – The poet wants to say in a funny way that Jimmy watched his TV set show much that he himself became a TV set.

4. What looked like a tail ?

Answer – Jimmy had grown a plug that looked like a tail

5. What message does this poem convey?
Answer – The poem conveys the message that we should not watch TV too much.

B. Several funny things happened to Jim. Complete the table to mention the changes in him.

chin        Tuning dial

brains     TV tubes

face          TV screen

ears          ‘VERT’ and ‘HORIZ’ knobs

bottom      chair

hair            antennae


(A) Homonyms are words with same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings. Write the homonyms of the words given in the place provided.

Example : see – sea


tailtale, tell




(B) The words given below have more than one meaning. Consult the dictionary and write the meanings of the words and frame sentences in your notebooks.

show, watch, antennae

[1] show – performance

Sentence – I loved the dance show last night.

show  – to bring before the sight

Sentence – Ravi showed his presentation before the class.

[2] watch – to look

Sentence – I watched the India-Pakistan cricket match in the stadium.

Watch – a small clock

Sentence – My mother gifted me a watch on my birthday.

[3] antennae – a radio or TV aerial

Sentence – Antennae is used to receive signals.

Antennae – A sensory organ in insects

Sentence – The antennae helps the insects to find direction and food.

Rhyming words are listed below –

Lean – bean, been, keen, lean, ween

Jet – bet, get, met, net, pet, set

Hair – dare, fare, hare

Pale – fail, nail, sail, sale, tail, tale

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