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Jaggu the Gardner Class 6 English Lesson 10

Jaggu the Gardner Class 6 English Lesson 10

Once upon a time, there was a gardener called Jagatu. He was employed in the king’s garden. It was a beautiful garden. Jagatu used to spend the whole day in the garden. He used to go home only at night.

One night, however, he had to remain in the garden. Suddenly he heard a loud noise. Jagatu hid himself behind a big tree in greatfear. He saw a large elephant descending from the sky. It was roaming about in the garden. After a while, Jagatu left his hiding-place, and sat down on the edge of a tank. As he sat there he said to himself, “In my whole life, I have never seen such an enormous elephant. But I remember about a heavenly elephant, called ‘Airavata’. No doubt, this is that elephant.” He got up and began to walk quietly after the elephant. It ate various fruits and roots that grew in the garden. Jagatu caught its long tail, when it was about to ascend to the sky again.

When they arrived in heaven Jagatu let go the elephant’s tail. Airavata departed for Indra’s palace and Jagatu began to roam about in the heaven. Everything was of such a huge size that the sight filled him with amazement. He got some betel-leaves (pan-patta) and some betel-nuts (supari). Both the betel leaves and the betel-nuts were very big.

Next night, Airavata went down to the garden with Jagatu hanging on to its tail. As soon as they got there, Jagatu let go the tail, and hurried back home. His wife was looking for him. As soon as she saw him coming, she ran to meet him and cried, “Where have you been?” Jagatu, without saying a word, brought out the big betel-leaves and betel nuts. At the sight of them his wife was filled with joy. “Where did you get these?”, she exclaimed.

Jagatu, then, told his wife all about his adventures. He also told her not to tell it to anyone. But she told the whole story to a friend of hers and soon everybody in the village knew about it. The villagers asked Jagatu to take them also to heaven.

That night, when the elephant was about to depart, Jagatu quickly got behind him and caught his tail. Then, they all held one another in a queue. On their way, a friend of Jagatu’s wife asked her, “How big was the betel-nut that your husband brought home?” His wife repeated the question to Jagatu. Jagatu said that he would answer that later, but she insisted.

Jagatu lost patience and spreading his hands, said “This big”. As he spread his arms to show the size of the nut, he lost his grip on the elephant’s tail. And in a moment they all came tumbling down.

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