Haldi’s adventure Class 5: Subject- English Lesson 10

Haldi’s adventure Class 5: Subject- English Lesson 10

One morning, as Haldi walked to school, she met a giraffe. The giraffe wore big glasses and held a book in his hand.
He smiled and said, “Good morning, Haldi.”
Haldi looked up at him. “I’m sorry to stare,” she said, “but I have never met a giraffe-like you.”
“My name is Smiley,” said the giraffe.
“Whenever you see me, you will smile.”
Haldi was surprised and happy too.

Then she remembered that she would be late for school.
So she said to the giraffe, “I would love to talk to you but I must rush to school or I will be late.”
The giraffe said, “Not if you ride on my back. If you climb on my back, I will run so fast that you will feel you are flying to school. Do you go to school every day?”
“Yes,” said Haldi. “I go to school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. On Saturdays, I play games at school.”
“What do you do in school?” asked the giraffe. “I learn about the stars, the trees, the birds, and the animals.”
“That is good,” said the giraffe, “I love books too. They are lots of fun. Now jump on my back. I will take you to school.”
Haldi then jumped on the giraffe‖s back and found that she could see so many things from the top. And before she knew it she had reached the school playground. She climbed down.
When she turned back to thank the giraffe, she found that he had gone away.
“Oh!” Haldi thought. “What a wonderful adventure I have had!

I. New words

surprised, adventure, wonderful, stars, whenever

II. Read and write

Read the story carefully and answer the questions:

  1. Write the names whose picture is given below
  2. Complete the dialogue.
  3. Write whether the given statement is true or false.
    (i) The giraffe had a book in his hand.
    (ii) Haldi was surprised and happy to meet Smiley.
    (iii) Haldi reached the playground quickly.
    (iv) The giraffe took the girl to school on his back.
    (v) The giraffe attended the school with her.
  4. Where was Haldi going?
  5. Whom did she meet on the way?
  6. Why was the name of the giraffe ―Smily‖?
  7. Does Smily love books?
  8. Who said this?
    (a) “I am sorry to stare.”
    (b) “Whenever you see me, you will smile.”
    (c) “I love books too.”

III. Say aloud

giraffe, walked, smiled, glasses, stare, whenever, surprised,Wednesdays, reach, turned, wonderful, adventure

IV. Let’s talk

  1. Whom did Haldi meet while going to school?
  2. Describe how the giraffe was looking?
  3. Have you seen a giraffe? Where did you see it?

V. Vocabulary

Fill in the blanks with suitable words given in the help box.

(adventure, stars, surprised, wonderful, stare, whenever)

  1. It is a bad habit to ……………………. at somebody.
  2. Mountain climbing is an ……………………. for many people.
  3. I traveled in an aeroplane. It was a …………… experience.
  4. Mohit had helped me ……………………. I asked him.
  5. Nidhi writes with both hands. I was ……………….to see that.
  6. The sky was clear and the ……………………. were twinkling.

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