Grandchildren by Surprise Class 7 English Lesson 11

Grandchildren by Surprise Class 7 English Lesson 11

Down the block at 1814 Beech Avenue lived Mr. and Mrs. Newton. She was short and round and neat. He was tall and thin and careful. Their house was as neat as a pin. Not even a shoe was out of place. Their meals were always on time. The neighbor’s children knew that they should keep off their grass. When they stepped on it, Mr. Newton did not like it.

The Newtons didn’t know much about children. But they did know that children make noise. They knew children are likely to mess up the house and spill things. The Newtons did not like anything to be messed up or spilled. They liked everything to be just so.

The Newtons were busy doing things all day long. Together they knitted, baked, and built things. Mr. Newton made a tall clock that looked like a tree. It had a little bird that would fly out and sing sweetly. He made it all, and it was just right. Everything about the Newtons’ lives was quiet and careful and neat.

One afternoon the Newtons got a letter. Mrs. Newton opened it right away for they did not get many letters.


30 September 03

Dear grandma and grandpapa,

Surprise! One of these days soon you are going to get a surprise! There will be a knock at the door. When you open it, there we will be-all of us! Love and kisses.

“How can this be?” asked Mrs. Newton.

Your grandchildren

“We have no grandchildren. Somebody is playing a joke on us.” Mr. Newton said, “It’s not a funny joke. When they knock, we just won’t answer the door. Children make a lot of noise and mess.”

The next morning Mrs. Newton got out her mixer. “I’ll make some cookies for the grandchildren if they come,” she said.

The days went by and they waited and they waited for a knock. No one came. Finally, Monday afternoon, Mr. Newton said, “Maybe we read the letter wrong.” He read it again. He looked at the letter for a long, long time.”We have made an awful mistake,” he said quietly. “This letter was for 1814 Birch Avenue. The grandchildren are not for us.”

They were both sad. It was very quiet in the little house.

Then one afternoon an idea came to Mr. Newton. He put an ad in the paper. The Wanted Grandchildren to borrow. Any size or age. Please come to 1814 Beech Avenue on Saturday morning at nine.

There were only five days before Saturday. The Newtons made toys and baked more cookies. Finally, it was Saturday. They waited and waited, but no one came. They waited all morning. They had worked so hard and hoped so hard. But no one came.

Mr. Newton went out into the yard. A little boy came by on his bike.

Mr. Newton said, “Hello there. What’s your name?” “Davey,” the boy answered. “My mom saw your ad in the paper where you wanted to borrow some kids. She says no one would ask for kids when they could have a neat and quiet house.”

“Not us,” said Mr. Newton. “We have too much quiet. Our house is too neat. We would like children to visit us. We have never had any children. We would like to borrow some. Tell all your friends.” “You mean it?” asked Davey.

“I really mean it!” said Mr. Newton. “I’ll tell them. I’ll ride all over.”

Almost before the Newtons knew it, there was a knock at the door. Children came!

Why did Davey ask, “You mean it?”

Some looked happy. Some were very quiet. In a short time, they had all been hugged and welcomed.

Then there was another knock, and more children were on the porch. “I am glad we made more cookies,” said Mrs. Newton.

Then more came, and more. Their house was full of children, of all sizes and ages! It was more than they had hoped for.

The ones who liked trucks and trains had trucks and trains to play with. The ones who liked dolls had dolls. They played with the dollhouse. They were pleased that Mr. Newton had made all the dolls and toys for them. They had a wonderful time all afternoon.

The children left late in the afternoon. They promised to come back the next Saturday.

The neat little house was a mess. Even the clock went tock-tick. But Mrs. Newton looked very pleased. “Do you think there were enough toys and cookies for everybody?” she asked.

“There was enough of everything.” said Mr. Newton. “Toys and cookies and LOVE!”

Jane Flory

Word Meanings

meals (मील्स )भोजन

mess( मेस )गड़बड़/ अव्यवस्था 

spill( स्पिल)गिर जाना

knit( नीट) बुनना

bake ( बेक) सेंकना

quiet( क्वाएट) शांत

neat( नीट) स्वच्छ

surprise ( सरप्राइज)आश्चर्य

joke( जोक) मजाक

borrow( बॉरो) उधार

yard (यार्ड )  बाडा

porch( पोर्च) बरामदा

hug (हग ) गले लगाना

keep off( कीप ऑफ़) दूर रहना

on time( ऑन टाइम) समय पर

out of place (ऑउट ऑफ प्लेस) अनुपयुक्त

play a joke( प्ले अ जोक) एक मजाक करना

go by( गो बाई) के अनुसार चलना / गुजरना

ad( एड)  विज्ञापन

Cookies( कुकीज़)मीठी बिस्किट

Reading Comprehension

Answer the following questions.

1. Read the letter given in the lesson carefully and answer the following questions.

a. When was the letter written?

Answer – The letter was written on 30th September 03.

b. Where was the letter sent from?

Answer – The letter was sent from Madrid.

c. Who was the letter sent to?

Answer – The letter was sent to the grandparents by their grandchildren.

d. What was the main message in the letter?

Answer – The main message in the letter was that the grandchildren are going to give a surprise visit to their grandparents.

e. Who wrote the letter?

Answer – The grandchildren wrote the letter.

2. How was the address on the letter different from the address of the Newtons?

Answer – The Newtons lived at the Beech Avenue whereas the letter was addressed to Birch Avenue.

3. Do you find anything funny in the ad put in the newspaper? If yes, what is it?

Answer – The idea of the ad that the Newtons wanted to borrow grandchildren of any size and age was funny.

4. What did the grandchildren play with?

Answer – The grandchildren played with trucks, trains, dolls and a doll-house that Mr. Newton had made himself for them.

5. Did the children enjoy the time they spent with the grandparents?

Answer – Yes, the children enjoyed the time they spent with the grandparents.

6. “Even the clock went tock-tick.”

a. How do clocks go?

Answer – The clocks go tick-tock.

b. Why does the writer say that the clock went tock-tick?

Answer – The writer says so because he wants to show us that the children have even messed with the clock.

7. Name the things that the Newtons gave to the children.

Answer – The Newtons gave toys, cookies and lots of love to the children.


1. Put the words given in the list of word-meanings in the order in which you find them in the dictionary.

The words given in the word-meanings in this lesson are –

14keep off
15on time
16out of place
17play a joke
18go by

They are found in the Alphabetical order in the dictionary. So they will be in the following order.

5go by
8keep off
13on time
14out of place
15play a joke

2. Look at the difference in the two spellings of the word:

Neighbor – neighbour (The first is American and the second is British.)

Now complete the table given below:

American Spelling  British Spelling

Neighbor                      Neighbour

Color                             Colour

Favor                              Favour

Labor                              Labour

Valor                              Valour

Parlor                             Parlour

Vapor                              Vapour

Rumor                             Rumour

Harbor                             Harbour

3. Use following phrases in your own sentences.

out of place, play a joke on, come by, keep off

1. Out of place – Everything is out of place in John’s room.
2. Play a joke on – We should not play a joke on innocent people.1. Out of place – Everything is out of place in John’s room.

3. Come by – During my tour, I came by a beautiful stream.

4. Keep off – The thug threatens the police to keep off his hands.


A. Look at the flow chart carefully. You will know how the paper is made:

Use is/ are + V (III) form of the words given in the brackets and put them in the boxes. An example is given for you.

Grandchildren by Surprise Class 7 English Lesson 11 - AVvXsEjqhZWo8CAVCk8 4ER16QGwAZ0w S1FR0QSy vIsu 0acz0OOFIUi1tAnNV3phTh wrFvhjC0gDbTKW5FHfEk1UwOcQvxlfR5dKrbI sMJQhzN8uwIrXcExPkYgE3NanSNq4A1vhf3d435HaL9FpUR0UOrxtSDzy BVPLZcA7am4peOpz37ExxVISx Ug=s320 - हिन्दी माध्यम में नोट्स संग्रह

B. Pick out the words from the box and complete the statements given below. One has been done for you :

Use as + adj + as

neat – pin

Example – The room was as neat as a pin.

cold – ice

His hands were as cold as an ice.

black – coal

His hair is as black as a coal.

hot – fire

The kettle is as hot as a fire.

white – milk

Her teeth are as white as milk.

blue – sky

The water looks as blue as sky.

red – blood

The colour of this rose is as red as blood.

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