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Dear Diary… Class 7 English Lesson 18

Dear Diary… Class 7 English Lesson 18

Last month Asha visited a lot of places with her parents. Here is a description of her diary. You would enjoy it……

27th June 04 A very bad morning for me, for I had to get up very early. Mummy and Daddy didn’t sleep all through. They were packing bags and making arrangements for our journey. But today I felt they are very partial. They never wake up Babloo, my three years old brothers. They say he will mess up things.

We started for Jagdalpur at 7 o’clock in the morning. We were going to my Dadi Ma’s house. On the train, I slept for 2-3 hours. Both Babloo and I had a lot of fun. We ate, drank, sang, played, and did everything we could. Babloo made sure that mummy wouldn’t take a rest. We had our dinner on the train.

How many members are there in Asha’s family?

29th June 04 Oh! what the experience it was of sleeping on the train. I felt as if I was sleeping in a swing. Early in the morning at 6 o’clock, our train reached Jagdalpur. Anup’s uncle and Tina’s aunty had come to the railway station to receive us. Dadi Ma was waiting for us at home. We took some rest. I went with my uncle to the market. Babloo was busy with Dadi Ma.

In the evening at about 7 o’clock, we went to visit the Chitrakut Waterfall. We reached there at 7:30. The waterfall was looking beautiful. The effect of lights added to its beauty. Babloo was the happiest person in the world. He was singing and clapping and was not ready to come back. We returned at 10 o’clock and had our dinner.

30th June 04 I had to get up early in the morning. But later on, I enjoyed the day. Dadi Ma made my favorite ‘Aloo paratha’.

In the morning at 9 o’clock, we started for Kanger Valley National Park. We took a taxi. My uncle made arrangements to cook food there. In the National Park, we saw many wild animals and birds in their natural surroundings like Cheetahs, Neelgai, Deer, Wild pigeons Peacocks, etc. After lunch, we took a rest and played hide and seek badminton, antakshari, and many more games. We also danced to tunes of film songs. We took a guide from Kutumsar Naka (check post). We saw the Kutumsar caves. As we entered the caves, Babloo started crying as it was very dark there. He lost his sandals there. The huge ‘Shivling’ and the world-famous blind fishes in Shankarkund are the attractions for tourists. We also saw the ‘Apsara Vihar’. Babloo was the busiest person running here and there without sandals. All the time he was holding my frock and saying “Didi humme Bhi khilaona unn…..”. On our way back we enjoyed ice cream. I want to sleep…..

What are the places that Asha visited during her stay in Jagdalpur?

1st July, 04

All of us woke up in the morning. After taking bath we started for Dantewada. We enjoyed our journey very much as on both sides of the roads there were big trees, and beautiful hills of Bailadilla, and the Bastar tribes in their traditional costume added to the natural beauty of that region. The climate was also cold and pleasant.

The Danteshwari Maa’s temple is situated where the two rivers Shankani and Dankani meet. There are three buildings in the temple- the Natya Mandal, the Sabha Griha, and the Garbha Griha.

After offering our prayers we returned to Jagdalpur. All of us, Anup’s uncle, Aunty, Dadima, Subhash’s uncle, Swati (5 years), and Shanu (7 years) enjoyed the journey in a van. Really, we enjoyed it a lot.

4th July, 04

In the morning we reached our Munni Mousie’s house at Dongargarh. All through the way, I slept in the van. They have a beautiful garden in their house. In the garden, there is a swing and a pond. Akshat, Munni Mousie’s son, and Babloo became friends. They spent the whole day in the garden swinging and watching the fishes in the pond.

How did the family go to Dongargarh?

5th July, 04

In the morning again, we got up early and went to offer our prayers to Bamleshwari Maai. There are 1000 steps. There is one more temple at the foot of the hill. It is called Chhoti Bamleshwari Ma. After the ‘Darshan’ at 9 o’clock, we returned from the temple.

In the afternoon we went to Durg to our Nani Ma’s house. During dinner, all of us sat together. Babloo also wanted a plate. He went to the kitchen and brought a plate for himself. After dinner, we all sat together and talked for a long time. Babloo fell asleep while he was in Nanima’s lap listening to everybody. I was very happy today.

Answer the following questions.

1.) Give the names of children mentioned in the diary.

Ans – Asha, Babloo, Swati, Shanu, and Akshat are the names of the children mentioned in the diary.

2.) Which place do you think Babloo liked most?

Ans – Chitrakoot waterfall is the place Babloo liked the most.

3.) What was there in the garden of Munni Mousie?

Ana – There is a swing and a pond in the garden of Munni Mousie.

4.) Pick out from the lesson three qualities to describe Babloo’s nature.

Ans – He is a naughty boy who always messed up things according to the lesson.

5.) Why did Asha feel that her parents were partial?

Ans – Because they didn’t sleep well in the night and they were packing bags and making arrangements, that’s why Asha feels that her parents were partial.


1.) Make a word list related to the given word.

Ans :

Journey, travel, Visit, Stay, Cars, Trains, Roads, drive,

2.) Use the following words in your own sentences.

arrangements, frightened, drive, partial, surrounding


Arrangements : They were making arrangements for the birthday party.

Frightened : Five friends visited a forest, and one of the friends look frightened.

Drive : I can drive my car.

Partial : Asha’s parents look partial today

Surrounding : The surroundings of my house are very calm.

3.) Complete the puzzle. One is done for you:

1.) Brindavan …………………….. (6 letters)

Ans – Garden

2.) Place of worship for Christians (6 letters)

Ans – Church

3.) Chitrakut ………………………. (9 letters)

Ans – Waterfall

4.) Kanger Valley National …………………….. (4 letters)

Ans – Park

5.) Muslims worship here. (6 letters)

Ans – Masjid

6.) Kutumsar……….. (4 letters).

Ans – Cave

7.) Red …………………….. (4 letters)

Ans – Line

8.) Bailadilla…………….. (4 letters)

Ans – Hill

9.) Sikhs worship here (9 letters)

Ans – Gurudwara

10.) English term for Ghati (6 letters)

Ans – Velley

11.) Hindus worship here (6 letters)

Ans – Temple

12.) Large area of water surrounded by land starting with L (4 letters)

Ans – Lake


1.) Look at the pictures given below and write the statement in the space given below.

1.) The dalia is too hot to eat.

2.) The cloud looks very stormy.

3.) The mountain top is very high.

4.) The palm tree is very tall.

5.) My grandmother is very old.

6.) The stars are very far from earth.

2.) Look at the use of ‘s or s’ in the sentences. ‘s is used for possessive. ‘s is used for singular number and s’ is used for plural indications.


1.) This is my brother’s pen.

2.) He wears his brother’s shirt.

3.) The girls’ garments are very cheap in this shop.

Rewrite the sentences with ‘s or s’.

(i) He sat on a chair that his grandfather used.

Ans – He sat on his grandfather’s chair.

(ii) The Prime Minister inaugurated the hostel for girls.

Ans – The prime minister inaugurated the girls’ hostel.

(iii) What is the real name of the Golden girl ?

Ans – What is the golden girl’s real name?

Ans – The school invited the students’ grandparents to the annual function.

(v) I am looking for the stick that my grandmother uses for walking.

Ans – I am looking for my grandmother’s stick to use for walking.


Imagine that last year your school team took a ‘Bastar Special’ package tour to visit Bastar. Write a brief description of the first two days of your tour giving the following information.

Ans – Last year my school team took a ‘bastar special’ package to visit bastar. We traveled by trains. We stayed in a hotel near a lake, and the mesmerizing views of the sunset behind the lake caught our heart. It was so beautiful. Our tour started from our school. We visited a lake, a few temples, and a beautiful park. We ate our breakfast in the hotel, but we did our lunch in a restaurant near the lake and we ate our dinner in the hotel. In there we see a cultural dance and singing programme by locals. I buy a keychain from there.


 A.) Listen to the passage and answer the questions.

See Appendix 1 Lesson 18.

1.) Where did the stag see his own reflection ?

Ans : The stag saw his own reflection on the pond.

2.) Which parts of his body did he not like ?

Ans – He did not like his legs

3.) Which parts of his body got the stag into trouble?

Ans – The horns got the stag into trouble.

4.) Why couldn’t the stag escape?

Ans – Because the horns were caught in the thorny bush and couldn’t escape.

5.) What did the stag think at last?

Ans – The stag thinks at last that “my long and ugly legs helped me run fast, but my beautiful horns got me into troubles.”

6.) Give a suitable title to the passage.

Ans – “The Stag with Beautiful Horns”

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