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Alice in Wonderland-II Class 7 English Lesson 5

Alice in Wonderland-II Class 7 English Lesson 5

Well, the next thing Alice found was a little cake; with the words ‘EAT ME’ marked on it. So, she sat there and ate it up. And then, guess what happened to her! She grew and grew and grew. Taller than she was before! Taller than any child! Taller than any grown up person. Taller and taller! (Just look at the picture.) Which Alice would you like the best. A tiny Alice, no larger than a doll or a very tall Alice touching the ceiling of the roof? Poor Alice!

What do you think? Was she happy to find herself tall enough to reach the table and get the key to unlock the door or to be too small to get through the door? Well, she could do that; but do you think she could get out of that tiny door? She could only just manage to lie flat, put her head down on the floor and look out through the door.

Poor child! She sat down on the floor and wept bitterly. She wept and wept and wept. Her tears ran down like a river and very soon there was a large pool of tears in the room.

Suddenly, the white rabbit entered the room. He was dressed up to go somewhere. He had a little fan and gloves in one hand and a watch in the other hand. He was looking at his watch, muttering to himself, ……”I am late, Oh, I am late!” He did not notice Alice. Alice requested him, “Please sir,…… “

The white rabbit was so frightened on hearing the voice, that he dropped his fan and gloves and ran away through the door.

Alice took a deep sigh, took up the fan, and began to fan herself. And lo!…. What happened! With the movement of the fan she

got smaller and smaller and in a minute she was just about the size of a mouse. In the pool of tears, a mouse was already swimming. Alice was also swimming with him.

How did Alice become small?

They came out of the pool and both were wet. There were other creatures in that swimming pool like a dodo, a duck and an eaglet. Alice heard them talking about a party in the garden outside, and she thought…..

Difficult words

Tiny(टाइनी)- छोटा,लघु

Unlock(अनलॉक)- ताला खोलना।

Mutter(मटर)- धीमी आवाज में बोलना।

Gloves(ग्लव्स) दस्ताने

Sigh (साइ) गहरी साँस छोड़ना।

Reading Comprehension

Q. 1. Put a cross(×) mark against the statements which are not. True about Alice:

  1. Alice did not early the cake(×)

( ¡ )When Alice ate the the cake, she grew taller (√)

(iii) The door of the room was too small for Alice to get out(√)

(iv)Alice talked to the white Rabbit ans he helped her(×)

(V)There was a pool in the hall(×)

(Vi)The white Rabbit was going to give the fan and gloves to Alice(×)

(vii) Rabbit was dressed up to go somewhere(v√

Q.2. Write the names of all those who were swimming in the pool of tears.

Alice , dodo , eaglet , mouse , duck.

Q. 3. Complete the table to tell what Alice could do in the wonderland and what she couldn’t.select the phrases from the list given below.


  1. Eat cake.
  2. Unlock the door.
  3. look through the door inside
  4. Lie on the floor
  5. touch the ceiling
  6. grow taller
  7. Grow smaller


1.unlock the door.

  1. Look through the door out-side.
  2. Lie on the floor.

4.Touch the ceiling

  1. Swim in the pool of tears.

6.get out through the door.

  1. Grow taller.
  2. Get smaller.


Q1. Find the words from the box that can complete the sentences correctly.

(Drank-up, grown-up,ate-up, torn-up, wake-up)

( A ) Montu was naughty when he was a boy .

He is a smart and grown up person now .

( B ) Meenu was very sad to find her drawing book torn up when she came home .

( C ) I always wake up at 5 in the morning .

( D ) Ahmed’s mother was happy because he drank up all the milk .

( E ) I was very hungry and ate – up all the bis cuits in the kitchen .

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