Alice in the Wonderland Class 6 English Lesson 5

Alice in the Wonderland Class 6 English Lesson 5

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Alice. One day she had a very strange and interesting dream. Would you like to hear about her dream?

(Well, this was the very first thing that happened in her dream) A white rabbit came running by, in a great hurry. As it passed Alice,it stopped and took his watch out of his pocket.

(Have you ever seen a Rabbit that “Oh, dear, oh dear! I’ll be too late”,had a watch?)

said the rabbit.

Alice heard and watched the rabbit and ran after it. She wanted to see where the rabbit was going. She followed the rabbit and tumbled down into the rabbit-hole. There she fell fast asleep.Can you imagine how safe and cosy it was!)

After sometime, she suddenly woke up, jumped on to her feet and ran after the rabbit again. But there was no rabbit! She found herself in a big hall with doors all around it. All the doors were locked. So, she couldn’t get out of the hall.

There was a little table in the middle of the hall. A little key was lying on the table. She picked up the key and tried to unlock the doors. She tried to open them one by one and when she came to the last little door, it got opened!

She got smaller and smaller, and smaller… till at last she was just the size of a little doll. She was happy now. She ran to the door. But it was locked. Then she ran back. But, alas! (Why did she become sad?)

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