A Serious Talk Class 7 English Lesson 8

A Serious Talk Class 7 English Lesson 8

A spider sat quietly in the center of its web. Suddenly, Ah, there is a swing in the web again. I guess someone is in!

Oh God, again the cobweb, I’m caught!

Good, welcome fly dear, I was waiting for you While this happened, a lady was cleaning her room. She sucked the spider, the fly, and the web all into the vacuum cleaner.

Eh, it’s so dark (grgrgr. gr…..). What’s that noise? What’s happening?

My head is whirling. I’m falling. What is going on? Help! Help!

Vacuum Cleaner By this time, the lady switched off the vacuum cleaner and everything became


Who’s that? I can’t see anyone.

It’s me, a poor spider. Who’s there?

Oh, are you Miss Spider? I’m the fly you were going to eat a few minutes ago.

Ah, no, it can’t be so. I think we have been eaten up by something bigger than both of us.

That’s the rule. Spiders eat flies, birds eat spiders and cats eat birds.

It’s so nice to hear you. Are we going to die?

I really feel sorry for all the flies I’ve eaten. If I get out of here, I would be a different person.

I wish there was a world where spiders and flies would be friends and insects would be free from fear!

I would like to drink honey like butterflies. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn to eat berries.

 Oh, I was also thinking the same. If I live longer, I would change myself too. I won’t go to rubbish heaps and sit on rotten things. I wouldn’t walk on anyone’s plate with dirty shoes on.

That’s interesting! I don’t think we have ever had a chance to talk to each other and know each other’s feelings like this before.

u…n….u….n… But…. but it’s too late, or else we could have changed the world.

What will happen next?

In the meantime, someone took the bag of the vacuum cleaner and emptied it onto the garbage heap. The spider got frightened. But, in a short while, he recovered. It stretched its legs and began making a new web.

Fly dear, are you here?

Yes, Miss Spider are you there?

Look, I’ve made a beautiful and peaceful new web. Do come and see it. Boo..n…booh! This is where you have to be Miss Spider. It looks just like the old one. I’m going. I can’t, wait. We were friends but after all, I’m a fly and you are a spider.

And the fly was ready to take off.

But where are you going?

To a new rubbish heap and then walk on someone’s lunch with my dirty shoes.

But, fly dear, we are friends now. Do forget the past.

Ah, me …….. but I won’t be again!

The fly rubbed its legs clean and flew off! And the spider sat and eagerly waited for an insect to get trapped into its web.

Reading Comprehension

1) Use numbers to put the sentences in the order in which the events happened.

1)The vacuum cleaner sucked the spider and the fly. – 2

2)And the spider thought she was going to die.- 7

3)A fly was caught in a cobweb.- 1

4)The spider was inside the tube of the vacuum cleaner. –  3

5)The fly couldn’t see the spider but he spoke to her. –  6

6)The spider asked for help. – 5

7)The spider’s head was whirling.- 4

8)Then both the fly and the spider reached a soft surface, when the machine stopped. –  9

9)The spider felt sorry for all the flies she had eaten. –  8

10)Someone emptied the bag of the vacuum-cleaner on a garbage heap. – 10

11)The spider recovered from her fright.- 11

12)The fly went off in search of a new rubbish heap. – 13

13)The spider invited the fly to her new web – 12

2) What changes did the spider and the fly want to bring in themselves.

SpiderAte flies and insects trapped in her webI would like to drinkhoney like butterflies.
Flysat on rubbish heaps and thrown away food, and walked on people’s plate with its dirty shoesI won’t go to rubbish heaps and sit on rotten things. I wouldn’t walk on any one’s plate withdirty shoes on.

3) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :(a lady, pipe, bag, sucker)

a) The part of vacuum cleaner that sucked the cobweb was the sucker.

b) The parts of the vacuum cleaner in which the spider and the fly were moving about was the pipe.

c) The part of the vacuum cleaner that was emptied on the garbage was the bag.

d) The vacuum cleaner was operated by a lady.


1) Write names of insects that can be trapped in the spider’s web. Use the clues given below :

Ans – Ant, Grasshopper, Mosquito, Bee, Cricket

2) These are pictures of some movements. Can you name them? Use the clues in box below and also take the help of the dictionary.

Ans –

i) Whirling

ii) Spinning

iii) Circling

iv) Rotating

v) Revolving

vi) Winding


i) Given below are some unreal situations. Now combine the other part as given in the example.


If I had legs (run away from the saucer)

If I had legs, I would run away from the saucer


If I had a straw (drink the water)

Ans –  if I had a straw I would drink water from the jar.

If my hands whirled round (end up the day and round. soon)

Ans – if my hands whirled round I could end up the day soon.

If I had roller skates (win every race)

Ans – If I had roller skates I would win every race.

If I had wings (invite Uncle Fox for a race)

Ans – If I had wings I would invite uncle fox for a race.

If I could open the lid of the jar (finish all the sugar in the jar)

Ans- If I could open the lid of the jar I could finish all the sugar in the jar.

If I had a stool (eat all the grapes)

Ans- If I had a stool I would eat all the grapes.


A) Listen to your teacher carefully and fill in the details asked for.

Name : Anopheles

Insect : Mosquito

Total types : 1400

Body :

Legs : (a) number : Three pair                 of legs

(b) shape : Long leg.

Wings : (a) number : Two wings.

(b) shape : Narrow wings.

Mouth parts: (a) shape: Needle shaped mouth.

(b) used for: to pierce the human skin easily.

Home : On or near still water.

Likings : damp and humid places specially muddy water.

Specialization : specialized in causing a serious disease called maleria.

B) Before Pintoo went to sleep, he made a long list of things he had to do.Say what Pintoo was going to do at the market, next morning at home or in his friend’s house and for whom.

Example : Pintoo was going to find last week’s Sunday magazine for his grandpa.

Ans –

At the marketThings to do at homeIn his friend’s house
1Get grandma’s glasses repairedSearch last week’s sunday magazineMake a paper mask
2Bring a betel leaf for GrandmaPull out an old carrom board under the bedClean his friend’s garden with Chinto
3Bring some colourful ballons from the shopSearch for the wooden horse from the store roomMake holes in a tin container to water plants.
4Buy a pair of small scissors for himselfMake a big paper boat for himselfGo to the river side and collect shells with Chinto
5Takes clothes to laundryFill two buckets of water from the tube wellPluck mangoes from the trees in Chinto’s garden
6Buy books from bookstorePut some (chana) grams seed in birdie’s nest in the courtyardMake a small tree house on the mango tree in Chinto’s garden
7Brings some tools from a hardware shopCut pictures from old newspaperRepaired Chinto’s cycle


No one likes flies. If the fly wants to become a good insect, what would you suggest him to do. Write a small letter to him. You can take help from the lesson.

12 April 2005G.P.S. Mohla.Rajnandgaon Dear Fly,I know you want people to like you. I feel people would like you if you don’t go to rubbish heaps and sit on rotten things. If you don’t walk on anyone’s plate with dirty shoes on. If you don’t do nasty staff then people might started to like you. Don’t be so hopeless try your best avoid your nasty work. Yours faithfullyThe Spider


You all know that some animals eat some other animals or insects. So, they

can never be friends.

Collect pictures of animals, birds and insects and paste them in front of each. other. Also write their names.

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