A Masai Home Class 6 English Lesson 4

A Masai Home

 Masai is a tribe that lives in East Africa. The Masais like to live in small traditional houses on the grassland plains near their cattle or their fields. The Masai women build their own homes.

First, they draw the shape of the house, a rectangle, on the ground. They make a frame by weaving together branches and twigs. Then, they pack grass and dung over the outside to keep the building dry. This is necessary because the weather is moist.

There is just one room inside a Masai house. Almost six people sleep together in one large bed made of large branches covered with hide. The mother and children sleep in an inner corner of the house.

In the centre of the house is a fireplace. Fire burns there. It is used for cooking, warmth and light. There are no windows in the Masai house. Only one opening is kept to let light in and smoke out.

Cattle are an important part of the Masai family. Young calves and goats live in a special den inside the house. They drink milk in a long vessel called calabash made from hollowed out gourd.

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